It is a medically prescribed and designed, scientifically validated health and vitality program that enables you to lose 1-3 kgs per week.

This clinically proven program addresses the root cause of your weight and inability to bring back your health.

You’ll think clearer, sleep easier, breath better, and have way more energy.

Ideal Protein:  with a health coach.
Initial appointment:  1 hour – cost $180. No rebate.
Follow up: 15mins –  cost $25.00. No rebate.

How does it work?

It coaches you and your body to burn fat as a fuel = ketosis. The science of KETOSIS is very specific and there is a mass of misinformation about this online. You are taken through specific steps that target your inability to switch off your need for carbohydrates as a primary fuel source. Most people are “carb” or carbohydrate dependent for energy.

Ideal Protein has been developed from a dietary program used in French Olympic athletes 28 years ago. It optimises an athlete’s ability to switch their fuel source from carbs to fats and vice versa. This has been perfected over almost three decades and now made relevant and available to you!

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