Anti Aging MedicineAnti Ageing Medicine – Ageing is simply a progressive failure of metabolic processes. According to Dr. Eric Braverman’s concept of pause, every body organ ages at a different rate, and to a certain extent this rate of ageing is based on hormonal actions. This fact has been proven by a number of theories. Where some theories contradict, others agreed. However, there are three key biochemical processes that are involved in ageing – oxidation, glycation and methylation. Other processes include chronic inflammation and hormonal deregulation.

Anti-ageing medicine is an evolving branch of medical science and applied medicine. It treats the underlying causes of ageing as well as aims at relieving any age-related ailment. The main goal of anti-ageing medicine is to extend the healthy lifespan of humans by offering them youthful characteristics – mental and physical.

Anti-ageing medicine makes use of a wide range of tools to evaluate the current status of a patient in their health and ageing. Anti-ageing medicine uses a combination of both conventional and alternative medical application in an integrated method to achieve the best possible result for the patient.

What causes ageing?

Ageing is a progressive failure of metabolic processes. There is a concept of pause as put forth by Dr. Eric Braverman indicating that every organ ages at a different rate. To a certain extent, it is based on hormones. All these have been put forth into various theories as follows:

  • Free Radical Theory
  • The Neuroendocrine Theory
  • Telomerase Theory of Ageing
  • The Wear and Tear Theory
  • The Rate of Living Theory
  • The Waste Product Accumulation Theory
  • The Cross-linking Theory
  • The Immune Theory
  • Theories of Errors and Repairs
  • The Order to Disorder Theory
Dr Maria Mackey

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